Camotes Island

Camotes Island

Camotes the beautiful Island of Cebu, this island is close to Ormoc and Cebu , it is located in between Ormoc City and Danao Cebu, there is 2 ways to get to this beautiful Island, if you are from Manila you can take a plane to cebu and ride a jeep (fare around 50 pesos) to Danao and Ride a Ferry (fare around 280 pesos) to Camotes Island, and you can also take the Tacloban route, you can take a plane to Tacloban City, Take a van or buss to ormoc and the take a small boat to Camotes Island. but of course if you are from Luzon it is better to take the cebu route it is much faster and convenient.

Leaving Port of Ormoc

Onboard the Juna Mar Boat from Ormoc port to Camotes Island we paid 180 pesos per person.

After a 2 hours of Boat ride, and a 40min motorcycle ride from Camotes port to the hotel we Finally reached this beautiful beach of Santiago bay, and oww the Motorcycle fare was a bit expensive they charge us 200pesos person for the ride its was rip off I know. but that is the only downside of the travel, but hey they have to make a living. what to do… hehe

We Booked this nice room 900 pesos, it was a fair price considering it was located in-front of the beach and it has an infinity pool.

Tips on saving budget on food, we bought a letchon from Ormoc, if you don’t know what letchon is… it is a roasted pork it is very very delicious… but its PORK. so don’t eat to much if you have a weak heart condition, it is a fatty food so it might be good for the soul but its good for the heart.

Now that we are settled down our stomach is full, its time to get some sun and try the pool first

The infinity pool overlooking the White sand beach of Santiago Bay

The Clear Beach of Santiago Bay

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